List of others


ELIZABETH ATTRIDGE (MAFF under secretary responsible for animal health and veterinary group 1989-1991)

RICHARD CARDEN (MAFF DEP secretary head of food safety directorate from (1994)

ROBERT LOWSON (Head of MAFF animal health, disease control division 1991-93, SEAC secretariat)

SIR DEREK ANDREWS (MAFF permanent secretary   (1987-93)

DR ALISA WIGHT (Department of health lead on BSE from 1991 SEAC observer)

photoforaugust1bloged1Andrew dying vcjd aged 24

THOMAS EDDY (MAFF head of animal health (disease control) AND SEAC secretariat from 1993)

M H BAKER (Department of education and science schools branch)

DR BERNARD WILLIAMS (Assistant chief veterinary officer head of veterinary investigation service until 1987)

DR ROBERT KENDALL (Chief medical officer Scottish office 1991-96)

DR RICHARD KIMBERLIN (TSE researcher INST animal health 1962-81 and neuropathogenesis unit 1981-88 independent TSE consultant from 1988 SEAC member)

RON JACOBS (Department of education and science schools branch)

DR GERALD JONES (Department of health medicines division 1984-9 health aspects of environment and food division 1992-5)

DR HILLARY PICKLES (Department of health principal medical officer, lead officer for DOH 1988-91)

ANGELA BROWNING (Junior agriculture minister 1994-7)

DR JEREMY METTERS (Deputy medical officer department of health 1989)

GERALD WELLS (Senior veterinary officer, Weybridge CVL)

ALAN LAWRENCE (MAFF animal health division July 1979-February 1995, joint secretariat Southwood working party)

DUNCAN FRY (Civil servant ministry of agriculture)

Andrewpointingathisfirstsnow18monthsALISTAIR CRUIKSHANK (MAFF)

JOHN W WILESMITH (MAFFS Chief Epidemiologist)