A few words from Andrews friends

Sorry to hear about your loss. Andy was an old work friend.

I started work at talkSPORT in July 2001, the first time I met Andy was 12th of September 2001, leaning into the 13th as it was the overnight shift.

It was a horrible time with the twin towers disaster. But it was good to have Andy and Sean there in the control room with me.

We shared some moments of worry and concern, it was a strange feeling in the studio of not really knowing what to talk about, what would you say at a time like that?

As time moved on I saw him every so often.

I drew great encouragement from him, he wasn’t afraid to encourage those older than him. He was a very reliable chap at work, very reliable. I lost contact with him when he left the station, but its no wonder he did so well at the BBC. He was the kind of person you could trust, the kind of person you could rely on. The kind of person you wouldn’t want to leave your team. He was also amazingly genuine, which in my experience is a quality the media lacks in so many places.

You raised a very caring man,

Paul Gerrard Marchant

An Honourable man, a Gentleman, an Inspiration…..my true friend…….Sean Dilley (Current Affairs Editor talkSPORT)


Andy was one of the most kindest most caring people I have ever met and such a pleasure to be around and I have felt privileged to call him my friend love from Jiggy (the big guy)


Dear Andy each time I saw you, you always managed to have me and the others laughing and smiling. I admired your kind and caring nature, along with your loving personality. I shall remember your love for photography, as you never failed to capture the moment. Everytime I see Mr Bean now, I shall smile and remember that you liked him as much as me. Andy I shall truly miss you, God Bless my friend, Much Love Becky x


Andrew I will not forget you. “A good young man who walked gentle this earth a while” Richard


Christine you raised an amazing young man. Andy will be truly missed by us all, all my love Tara xxx


It has been a pleasure and privilege to call Andy a friend, love Fergie xx


>Andy will never be forgotten he will always be in my heart, all my love Hayley xxxxx


I feel so lucky to have met Andy he will be sadly missed. But always remembered, lots of love Lauren xxx


Andrew was a wonderful young man, his smile touched my heart, love Lynne xx /div>


Andy was one of the sweetest guys I know, never a bad word to say about anyone. I will continue to remember the wonderful bits and special things about Andy. Maurice x


Andy is still with you Chris and will guide you through the next part of your life, love Dave x


Andrew your gentle wit, warm smile, your designer shirts, utter professional, broad shouldered, keen warm eyes and your slightly shy, gentle quiet side.


My memory and sense of you will carry you forward a little further on this earth. Richard.


Andy was my media buddy a true star who apart from being a great friend has inspired me in my career. I called him “the guy with the pretty eyes. A genuinely funny and caring guy who I will never forget. I will miss Andy so much ….I will never forget him …love from Nadia x


Andy was a genuine lovely person he will be missed by all of us what a pleasure to have known him, love Emma x


Christine…your love for each other is so strong, and it made me feel so warm to see it and I know it will never be lost. Kial x


Andy will be in my thoughts and memories forever, he truly blessed us with his presence, much love Becky xxx


Andy was very important in all our lives he was deeply loved as far as “across the pond”. A dear friend to me who I always regarded as a “beautiful chap” one who was loyal as a friend and very respectful of his peers. With love Dottie x  (New York)


Andy loved clothes especially shoppin in top man, also his hair always had to look perfect and always did…even just staying in he would spend hours getting his hair just right! He always looked his best, there are so many memories of Andy so many good ones Miss u forever Andy you will always be loved, Owen


Andy … never judged people preferring to listen and get to know them first …..I used to see Andy every other weekend in Birmingham or Wolverhampton …he had a soft spot for the Birmingham area. He cared a lot for his friends and family and always went out of his way to make sure they were happy…sending me cards or a text on special occasions such as when I did well in my A levels …..He used to make me laugh a lot …always with his camera …so funny when he had a few drinks. Andy Black was quite possibly the nicest person I have ever met……Beckie x


Andrew without a doubt was one of the most gentle, considerate and good natured people. I ever met and worked with. Sadly there are few like him in the world and when you do meet them you cant help but care for them. He will always have a big influence on me and many people lives. Dan


Andy was a great guy to talk to and always seemed to be very positive and upbeat. When we went clubbing together you could see how much he loved his work and was very passionate about working for the beeb. I was so shocked to hear about Andy passing away and deeply saddened. Its not at all easy to grieve for somebody who is around the same age as yourself. my thoughts were and still are with you…Paul x