This is a site dedicated all the victims VCJD, the human form of mad cow disease/Human BSE.

In particular my son Andrew Black. The information here has been researched by Christine Lord an award winning journalist and film maker, during the past 17 years and is constantly updated as new information becomes known. 1 in 2,000 of the UK population now carry or incubate human BSE and with incubation period upwards of 50 years many more people may die. Others may be passing on Human BSE through medical proceedures/medicines sourced from human blood.

Christine’s book now available on Amazon. ‘Who Killed My Son?” is a shocking account of Andrew’s last days, how millions of us were exposed to a lethal man made disease, and a grieving mother honouring a promise to her dying son.  If you care about the food you and your family eat, the politicians you vote for and the scientists your trust, please read this book.

The book about Andrew’s death and Christine’s investigations into the BSE scandal is available to download on Kindle and is now available in paperback (price £8.99 and £2.39 for the e-book)

Who Killed my son? By Christine Lord

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In May 2023 a cow with BSE was found in a herd in the USA.

There are 89.3 million US cattle (1/01/2023) just 25,000 USA cattle tested yearly for BSE.

How many cows infected with human mad cow disease, are still entering USA and global food chain? ‘Downer cattle’ cows that just collapse and die, often enter the US food chain, with no questions asked. How many US cows infected with mad cow disease continue to enter USA and global food chain?

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