AndrewafterhavingimmunisationDuring John Major’s premiership at least 2 million infants and children were inoculated with vaccines containing bovine material from UK cattle.

Produced between 1988-1989 there are no records (I am still trying to obtain documents) of the children who received the jabs.

Made by Wellcome and Smithkline, these are:

1. Smithkline MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) finally replaced by end of 1992
2. Wellcome combined Diphtheria and Tetanus
3. Wellcome DTP (diphtheria, Tetanus Pertussis) last issued June 1991
4. Wellcome single component Diphtheria vaccine last issued in October 1991
5. Wellcome Tetanus last issued in December 1991 with a December 1993 expiry date
6. Wellcome oral polio vaccine last issue and expiry dates are not known
7. Smithkline inactivated polio vaccine apparently issued only to foreigners

In 2001 a group of four geographically-linked vCJD cases presented in the Southampton area. Two of the victims were given oral polio vaccines from the same batch, they were both of a similar age and both received the vaccines as young adults.

Ray Bradley (see profile) was a Veterinary Scientist and member of SEAC. His role was to examine the cluster. He said that there was “No evidence whatsoever (of) any transmission of BSE”.

The CJD Edinburgh Surveillance Unit also found no links between the victims. In April 2008 I challenged Professor Will, head of the Unit, asking him: “Can you categorically say that the vaccines given to two of the Southampton victims was totally free of BSE – infectious material?” He replied: “No, of course I cant.”

When Andy was discharged from hospital, a member of the CJD Edinburgh Surveillance Unit came to visit our home. The Unit’s job is to research and gather data regarding victims, their lifestyles and routines to find a common link/dietary factor or lifestyle choice that causes patients to develop vCJD.

On June 14th 2007 the Unit’s Research Registrar Dr Gurjit Chohan (see Prof Will Tyrrell Committee) came to see us. Dr Chohan asked me: “Since the beginning of 1980 has Andy been vaccinated? … What year …name of vaccine and route?” She also noted that Andy did not have the MMR but DTP diphtheria, and polio, and that polio was given orally, and that he had his BCG at aged 13 (1996). We know now these factors influenced Andy’s risk, but at the time I knew nothing.

If I had been given an informed choice and known the “risks” attached to immunisations during the BSE scandal I would never have allowed my son to be vaccinated. I believed I was protecting and nurturing my beloved boy when in fact I could have been putting his life in jeopardy.

Children were still being put at risk years later: On December 21st 2000 the Belfast Telegraph carried this report. “Children in 1998 were given polio vaccines made from human serum, albumin that were traced back to a donor diagnosed with vCJD” but assurances were still being given. Scientist Paul Brown at Beaumont Hospital claimed the risk was ‘near zero as it was so diluted’ and: “A polio vaccine that has been given to millions of children and adults was withdrawn by the government, amid fears it could be contaminated by mad cows disease”

The Independent October 21st 2000.


In an article entitled ‘Britain sells nvCJD blood to 11 countries’ in the Guardian on 5th February 2001, we read that:

‘Blood products donated by three people who were later struck down with the human form of BSE have been sold to 11 countries. Thousands of patients worldwide, and an unknown number of haemophiliacs in Britain, might have received treatments with the products between 1996 and last year. The risk of infection – which health department officials insist is only theoretical – has now been closed off by restricting blood sources to the US.’

‘BPL had informed appropriate regulatory bodies abroad that nvCJD patients had donated blood. It had also written to wholesalers in each country and had confirmation they had told their relevant ministries. ‘We have tried our very best,’ said a spokesman.’

Ireland: Polio vaccine – 83,500 doses
Brazil: Albumin – 44,864 vials, immunoglobulin 80 vials
Dubai: Albumin – 2,400 vials
India: Albumin – 953 vials
Turkey: Ammunoglobulin – 840 vials
Brunei: Albumin – 400 vials
Egypt: Albumin – 144 vials
Morocco: Albumin – 100 vials
Oman: Immunoglobulin – 100 vials
Russia: Factor VIII – 23 vials

Singapore: Immunoglobulin – 3 vials



Tuesday 3rd May 2011

Below is a lettephotoforaugust1bloged1r I have written to Novartis who took over The Welcome Foundations portfolio of childhood vaccines polio, tetanus, diphtheria, in 1991. I have written repeatedly to this company asking for a confirmation or denial that bovine and/or human material were used in the processing of their vaccines.

This is a clear request and affects everyone in the UK and globally who has received these vaccines. Below is the reply from Novartis…what is the problem with giving straight answers to my questions? It is known that pharmaceutical herds used to make medicines also contracted BSE.

Below my letter is an answer from the company Lawyers, it would appear that Dr Worth is unable or reluctant to answer my questions and now a legal expert has come on board.

What are these big drug companies Welcome, GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis hiding…why the intrigue and reluctance to divulge and answer my simple request?

Ms Christine Lord

15th April 2011

Dear Dr Chris Worth,

Andrew Black died vCJD aged 24, 16th December 2007

With reference to your letter of 5th April 2011 in which you have only given me the barest details and partial information regarding your companies manufacture and archived material for diphtheria, tetanus and oral polio vaccines. Despite my full and concise and simple requests.

Oral Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria

I have requested repeatedly in several letters to yourself and Novartis for information regarding these vaccines. Yet once again I receive correspondence from you on behalf of Novartis giving me no clear answers and refusing to acknowledge the questions I have asked. You state that ‘we really do not see how we can assist your further’. I understand that Novartis took over and purchased a portfolio of Human Vaccine products from the Wellcome Foundation in 1991. I have been advised by senior researchers that materials used, sources, ingredients and contents of all these vaccines are archived with you, as part of that purchasing process. This is corporate policy and also the need to protect the construction of the vaccines and its processing.

I will repeat my requests which I have sent to you on several occasions. Did vaccines supplied by your company Novartis, past and present companies owned by yourselves, including those you have gained from Wellcome ever contain or use fetal calf serum, bovine material and/or human material? This is information that you have to hand. Dr Stephen Beaton Senior Clinical Medical Officer Health Protection Agency told me in a recorded interview that ‘We used bovine material from UK herds including calf serum to make vaccines as it was cheap and we had a vast pool of this material.’

Professor John Collinge told me during an interview for BBC1 that ‘fetal calve serum was used to make human and childhood vaccines’. He added ‘and of course human material is used from blood donations to process and produce vaccines’.

I have received extensive and full information from other drug companies which produced vaccines at the same time as Novartis. I ask you once again can you confirm or deny that Novartis, its former companies, subsidiaries, off shoots and the portfolio of vaccines purchased from The Wellcome Foundation did they ever use bovine material, fetal calve serum and/or human material in the manufacture, processing or any part of the production of the vaccines you and Welcome produced during the 1980s, 1990s and into 2000. ? I would like a straight confirmation or denial. From yourselves or legal team.

Millions of children were vaccinated during this time and I request this information not just because of my son’s untimely death but also on behalf of the millions of families across the UK and globally who agreed that their children should have these vaccines. There is no need to have batch numbers to retrieve this information as bovine and human materials were used for all of the vaccines produced not just my Andrew’s. I just need your confirmation or denial of this fact.

The information I request has no bearing on batch numbers as I am asking what the vaccines contained and were produced from and with, these questions can be answered simply by accessing your archives and records, which I understand from scientists involved in the production of vaccines go back to the 1950’s and beyond.

I finally await the answers to my questions and feel this is totally wrong that a bereaved mother has to keep writing and asking questions which have simple answers but is being blocked continually by cleverly crafted and manipulated prose.

Yours sincerely,

Christine Lord


Tuesday 19th April 2011

As many readers of this blog will know I continue to investigate not only those Ministers and officials responsible for BSE/vCJD. I am also relentlessly pursing the possible sources of my Andrews infection. The truth is out there but my investigations and research is being blocked and hidden by Whitehall, DOH and the minions that are desperately trying to keep the lid on a can of worms.

One area which continues to alarm and cause me a great deal of concern is vaccines and medicines sourced, produced or manufactured using cattle and human material.

Below is part of a letter I received from Dr Lisa Moore-Ramdin on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline. This company merged with Wellcome and produced vaccines for babies, children, teenagers and adults during the 1980s and 1990s. GlaxoSmithKline sold its portfolio of vaccines onwards to Evans now known as Novartis, This winding path and trail has initially hampered my investigations, but I remain determined and am uncovering a great deal.

We can see from Dr Moore-Ramdin’s statement,(below) that polio, tetanus and diphtheria vaccines had bovine, primate and human material used during the process and manufacturing of these immunisations. These materials were being used throughout and during the height of BSE. It is commonly known that pharmaceutical UK herds used for the sourcing of medicines including vaccines succumbed to BSE.

This cannot rule out BSE contamination of vaccines through bovine material. I am also concerned about the use of primates and human material. Both primates and humans have transmitted vCJD intravenously to others.

December 16th, 2010 (letter from GalxoSmithKline page 2)

GlaxoSmithKline UK Ltd
Stockley Park
UB11 1BT




In 2000 five people in Eastleigh, near Southampton UK developed vCJD within weeks of each other. Two of these victims were young men who received oral polio vaccines in late September 1994 at educational establishments. These vaccines were produced by Evans, now Novartis. Just a few years later a further four people including my Andrew would die of vCJD within 20 miles of Eastleigh, this brings the numbers of victims of vCJD within a small area to nine. The Edinburgh CJD unit and UK Department of Health refuse to link these all these cases and will not call it a cluster of 9.

Some of these victims attended the same schools and would have received vaccines from similar or if not the same batches during NHS immunisation programmes. The nine victims would have at some time shared the same services from the local health authorities and also from educational establishments.

One of the victims from the Southampton cluster was Stephen Babey who died aged 25, his mum a former nurse said ‘Steven was a student at the sixth form College Barton Peverill near Eastleigh’ Jean Babbey believed her son was one of the two young people who had the died of vCJD after receiving the polio vaccine in late 1994. She told the media that she had too many unanswered questions because the Department of Health refused to divulge any information.

Jean Babey had no idea what the batch number was and the corresponding one given to the other victim. The Department Of Health kept all details top secret…why?

The only information the press managed to find out about the two victims was that one of them was a school leaver and the other at a further education establishment. Both of these vCJD victims would have received polio vaccines which had been endorsed as safe and allowed by the UK Department of Health, its Ministers and Officials, as part of its programme to immunise young people. (see Kenneth Calman, Kenneth Clarke profiles)

At the time of these young men’s untimely deaths, Professor Smith told the media ‘The Department of Health would have to answer for the fact that cow serum vaccine continued to be used after a ban had be recommended’. Yet nothing happened to those Ministers involved, those culpable have (so far) never been made criminally accountable.

Despite BSE killing thousands of UK cattle, vaccines in the 1980s and1990s were being administered which had been sourced, processed using bovine, primate and human material. These were used on our most vulnerable and precious our families, babies, infants, children and teenagers.

Despite the UK Government agreeing that this was not a safe practice. Many older vaccines continued to be used for years until their expiry date.

The drug companies involved also provided vaccines for our armed forces, health care workers and many members of the services and health professionals have succumbed to vCJD.

During the 1980s and 1990s when my Andrew received his polio vaccination it consisted of two drops of oral vaccine on a sugar lump or administered straight into the mouth, though it was available in injectable form which other countries had adopted.

’Dr Stephen Beaton Medical Officer UK Health Protection Agency in recorded interview with me early this year said :

‘Throughout that time the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s we used UK bovine material for vaccines as we had a huge pool of this very cheap material’.

UK Daily Mail’s, Sean Poulter, reporting on the Eastleigh deaths and vaccine connection, found :

‘The vaccine in these cases was made from weakened strains of the virus with the blood of calf foetuses used to help it grow in the lab.’ Continuing ‘The vaccine was made by Wellcome now part of the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithkline, at laboratories in Bromley, Kent in the 1980s’

My Andrew received his booster vaccinations of polio, diphtheria and tetanus in 1983, 1984, and 1987. He had his BCG in 1997 manufactured and produced by Evans/Novartis.

Vaccines can have a shelf life of several years.

Andrew_Copnor_Middle_School_edit1The drug companies that produced and manufactured the same vaccines that Stephen Babey and my Andrew received were administered to millions of tiny babies, infants, children and teenagers at schools, across the UK. Some were also exported.

These companies also had a history of scandal…..

Sunday October 22nd, 2000 The UK Observer

‘The Drug factory at the centre of the polio vaccine scandal has a history of contamination and production blunders, raising fears that its vaccines against other diseases are unsafe.

On Friday the Department of Health was forced to recall Medeva’s oral polio vaccine after it was discovered that the firm had potentially been using BSE infected material.’

(MEDEVA vaccine plant Speke Merseyside, brand name issued to the NHS as Evans now Novartis)
The troubled factory in Merseyside changed hands twice in one year)

My Andrew received his BCG vaccination in 1997 from a vial that was one of 14,083 this immunisation was made by Evans now Novartis, Andrews BCG vaccine was produced at Gaskill Road, Speke the same factory which was involved in the contamination scandal. Batch number E61354A, full details of the other 14,083 vials exist and are archived, including sourced material used, ingredients.

Flu and yellow fever vaccines were also produced at the Speke, factory.

There has been a recent case of vCJD in Brazil and this is a country where vaccines from the UK were exported. Another recent case of vCJD involved an individual from the Middle East once again UK vaccines had been exported to this region.

Why is there so much secrecy surrounding vaccines, why am I continually blocked in my investigations? Why can’t I get a straight answer to simple honest questions?

What did kill my son? What killed those young men from Eastleigh?

What is the real source of the infection?

What is Whitehall and the Department of Health keeping secret?

Who and what are they also protecting?



Wednesday 15th September 2010


Glaxo still make vaccines with thimerosal, a 49% mercury compound. It is present in their recently invented H1N1 jab that was given to pregnant mothers.

Thimerosal is also used in other flu jabs and it is used in the manufacturing process of all vaccines, just not as an added ingredient, so it will be in vaccines labelled mercury free in quantities of less than 3mcgs per shot.

This is what it says for pandemrix H1N1 flu vaccine:

After mixing, 1 dose (0.5 ml) contains:
Split influenza virus, inactivated, containing antigen* equivalent to:
A/California/07/2009 (H1N1) derived strain used NYMC X-179A 3.75 micrograms**
* propagated in eggs
** haemagglutinin
AS03 adjuvant composed of squalene (10.69 milligrams), DL-á-tocopherol (11.86 milligrams) and polysorbate 80 (4.86 milligrams)
The suspension and emulsion, once mixed, form a multidose vaccine in a vial. See section 6.5 for the number of doses per vial.
Excipients: the vaccine contains 5 micrograms thiomersal.

So it has 5 mcgs of thimerosal (mercury), polysorbate 80 (which causes infertility in animals) and squalene which is shark liver oil, deeply immuno-reactive and linked to Gulf war syndrome and arthritis.

Here is the link:

If you want to know any ingredients, side-effects of vaccines just go to this site (emc medicines) and type in the brand name of the drug or vaccine you are interested in and it will bring up the data sheet.

Here is a link to the CDC pink book which lists vaccine ingredients, including bovine serum. Although US vaccines differ slightly in composition, the situation is similar in the UK:

Other nasties to look out for in vaccines include octoxynol 9 and 10 (spermicide), aluminium, formaldehyde (known throat cancer agent and used to embalm bodies), phenoxyethanol (phenol is the main ingredient of anti-freeze), sodium borate (ant powder), human diploid cell (tissue from aborted human babies) and of course any vaccine that contains gelatine may in fact have bovine material in it depending on what animal the gelatine came from. For instance, MMR contains gelatine. It also contains chick embryo, human diploid cells, phenols and other things.

Tuesday 14th September 2010

The articles below were written in 1999 and highlights just how much scientific knowledge was available regarding the toxicity of BSE. As early as 1988 there were severe concerns that were officially recorded in Whitehall, regarding vaccines and contamination with BSE infected material. Why could the Chief Medical Officer Donald Acheson be allowed to let these deadly vaccines continue in the assumption he ‘suspected there was no risk?’ but it would take ‘ 30 or 40 years to prove’……how appalling that our children’s and babies lives were played with Russian roulette style…

.Donald Acheson died this year in his bed an old man of eighty….my son died aged 24 of vCJD because of Achesons lies and cover-ups…..

The UK publics health was never a priority and the risk not deemed important, ( after all what was one or two lives lost?) This is how the likes of Acheson, Thatcher, Gummer, Clarke and their cronies played out the BSE scandal….

One life lost is one too many if its avoidable…and hundreds so far have died and thousands more have been affected by the shadow of vCJD.

How would they feel if it was their child or loved one?

The huge profits that were being made in the 1980s and 1990s by the drug and agriculture corporations were paramount. Government policy backed making money for business at the expense of our families health and futures……

This resulted in contaminated vaccines being given to millions of UK babies and children. As one medic who works at the Prion Unit in Queens Square, London,

Said to me ‘It’s terrible that what you thought would be good for Andrew killed him.’ When this expert pressed wouldn’t elaborate…..

My Andrew was just 5 years old…in 1988 …if all vaccines had been destroyed then and no bovine material used ….maybe he might still be alive…..? and perhaps all the other young victims of vcjd might be alive too?


VACCINE AND NOT HEARD Paul Foot, Private Eye 19 Feb, 1999

THOUGH hearings at the Phillips public inquiry into BSE have broken up for a few weeks, its officials are drawing up what may turn out to be their most controversial document. It is a draft factual account of government policy on vaccines prepared for injection into masses of people, almost all of which contain some material derived from beef.

The first hint that anyone in officialdom was worried about the impact of BSE on these vaccines came at a meeting of senior officials at the department of health on 17 March 1988.

The feeling of the meeting was summed up by ministry of agriculture under secretary Alistair Cruikshank, as follows: “there is probably no risk in drinking milk or eating flesh from animals affected by BSE, but that the position was much less clear in relation to brains, spleens and other organs. This raised questions about the safety of human vaccines prepared using bovine material.”

The chief medical officer Sir Donald Acheson said he suspected there was no risk, but this could take “30 to 40 years to prove”. In the meantime, he warned, “ministers would be very exposed, if, as seems inevitable, the press began to devote attention to the subject”.

The press showed no interest. But others were worried. A memo from Dr Hilary Pickles at the department of health on 21 June 1988 revealed: “I understand the pharmaceutical industry are also concerned: they had been using bovine not sheep products in various processes because scrapie is endemic in British sheep… the highest risk would be from parenterals [for injection] prepared from brain [eg rabies vaccine].”

The BSE scare led to the appointment of an expert committee of inquiry under Oxford zoology professor Sir Richard Southwood. On 30 August 1988 Sir Richard wrote to Acheson: “The only outstanding practical matter that we need to address at the present time is the use of serum in pharmacological work. I heard… that Wellcome are now only using serum from New Zealand.”

Wellcome’s initiative in getting its vaccine beef products from herds in New Zealand, which had not been fed on animal products as in Britain, was not yet insisted on by the government. Three times in 1988, Sir Richard Southwood wrote to the relevant statutory body, the Committee on Safety of Medicines, which is made up of top medical experts, many of whom are linked to the drug companies, asking for more urgent action on vaccines.

On 16 December 1988 a meeting of the Southwood committee considered that the response from the safety of medicines committee “was somewhat complacent, particularly in relation to the problem of existing medicinal products”. On 26 January 1989, the Committee on Safety of Medicines wrote to Southwood that guidelines for the industry had been agreed. In future, bovine serum should only be taken from “appropriately certified herds”.

The committee’s letter went on: “Many vaccines are stored for up to five years before being released and this will therefore have to be considered.”

The Southwood committee report was published the following month, February 1989. “The greatest risk in theory” it warned, “would be from parenteral injection of material derived from bovine brain or lymphoid tissue. Medicinal products for injection which are prepared from bovine tissues… might also be capable of transmitting infectious agents.”

Prompted by the report, the Committee on Safety of Medicines sent 4,000 letters to drug companies asking for information about bovine products. Not all the information from these letters was passed on to the authorities. Sir Donald Acheson, chief medical officer, told the recent Phillips inquiry: “We were told that a number of things that we wanted to discuss were confidential in the commercial sense… and that they could not discuss them with us… They put up with me, but every now and again they would say ‘Sorry we cannot share that with you’.”

Nor was the information always accurate. A memo from the committee in September 1988 revealed: “The computer list show’s 33 product licences extant for preparations of bovine origin.” The memo categorically asserted:

“There are no licensed products derived from bovine brain.” At the recent inquiry, Sir Donald was asked:

Q: Would you have been concerned if there were licensed products from bovine brain?

A: Surely

Q: I want you to look at an extract from the MCA questionnaire summary.. One of the items is under a company number – we have 01234, because it is not right that the company should be identified here.

Company name, a large company. The product name is drug X. Animal specification is bovine and the animal ingredients include calf brain.

Do you see that?

A: I do.

Q: If you had known about that at the time, would that have caused you concern?

A: It certainly would, unquestionably, which I did not.

After some delay the Committee on Safety of Medicines guidelines ensured that the drug companies got their bovine materials from “healthy herds” in Australia and New Zealand. But what happened to all those vaccines with bovine material from unhealthy British herds, which were stored up sometimes five years in advance? On 31 October 1990, the committee’s BSE working group minutes recorded:

VACCINE STOCKS. Dr David Taylor declared a non-specific non personal interest in (company name deleted) and took part in the discussion. Dr Richard Kimberlin declared a specific personal interest and did not participate in the discussion but remained at the meeting.

“The working group considered that the secretariat should explore with the company the possibility that the unabsorbed vaccines which had limited usage should be replaced with batches using bovine materials which complied with the guidelines, especially where the stock-out date extended beyond 1991. There may be some commercial loss to the licence holder but it is unlikely to be very large.” A list of the relevant vaccines was attached.

What happened then? What happened to the stored vaccines which, if injected into people, might carry the danger of infection? No one seems to know. The former Tory ministers who gave evidence to the Phillips inquiry didn’t know. Asked about vaccines, they responded as follows: William Waldegrave: “I do not remember that as an issue.”

John Macgregor: “I cannot remember, frankly..” Tony Newton: “I do not think I am in a position to help you.” Edwina Currie: “I have not refreshed my memory.. Had the experts said: ‘We feel the vaccines being built up are not entirely free of risk, we are therefore going to recommend that they be destroyed and that replacement stocks are acquired, and that this may delay the onset of the (immunisation) campaign for two weeks’, we would have said: ‘fine’.” Kenneth Clarke, who was secretary of state for health from 1988 to 1990: “What one clearly got from all this was that they were advising us that we should continue with vaccine components and so on and the risk was so remote that [it] would not justify stopping it. I still believe that advice to have been correct.”

The Eye asked the BSE inquiry, which has heard 300 witnesses, what information has come to light which reveals what happened to the stocks of vaccines with bovine serum from British cows manufactured before the BSE scare broke. A spokeswoman replied: “We have no information which can answer any of those questions.”

The Eye put the same questions to the department of health. “We outsourced the supplies of bovine material for vaccines away from Britain very early,” said a spokeswoman. In reply to the question “when were the old stocks replaced?”, the department sent a 16 page calendar of events, which reveals:

• As late as July 1992: “The Group’s previous concern about vaccine stocks in relation to a specific company [unnamed] were resolved by the company concerned producing a new batch with New Zealand foetal calf serum of assured quality.”

• Not until November 1996: “All currently licensed vaccines complied with the guidelines and did not contain any UK-sourced bovine material.” Neither item, nor any other in the 16 pages, answered the question. Vaccine to be done? (Private Eye, Aug 1999)

The sensitive and unresolved issue of the possible contamination of vaccines by bovine products affected by BSE (see Eye 970) came up again at the Phillips inquiry into BSE on July 21.

Four of the country’s top scientists, the members of the Southwood inquiry into BSE in the late l980s, gave evidence. They were Sir Richard Southwood, Professor of Zoology and Pro Vice Chancellor at Oxford University; Lord Walton, a world-famous clinical neurogist and former president of the General Medical Council; Sir Anthony Epstein, a former head of the department of pathology at Bristol and Dr A.W. Martin, a distinguished vet who had just retired as director of the Moredun research institute in Edinburgh. All four were given a torrid time by the counsel to the inquiry, Paul Walker, on the subject of the vaccines.

He wanted to know whether the Southwood committee report had given a “misleading picture” of the dangers to humans from widely-used vaccines, almost all of which contained bovine material, much of it from cattle infected by BSE. The committee had described such dangers as ‘remote” — exactly the same adjective they had used to describe the dangers of people catching BSE or associated diseases from eating BSE-infected meat. Close questioning of the scientists revealed that all four of them had regarded the dangers of human contamination by BSE-infected vaccines as, er, anything but remote.

Mr Walker asked Sir Richard Southwood: “In your view, at the time, the degree of hazard from medicinal products was greater than the degree of hazard that applied in the case of oral ingestion?”

Sir Richard replied: “Yes”. Later, he told the inquiry: “We really thought the medical problem was severe… We were very conscious, all the way through, of the worry about the vaccination programme. And these were very real deaths. One hundred and seventy deaths had been estimated by the Chief Medical Officer.”

If vaccination with BSE-infected vaccines was much more dangerous than eating BSE-infected meat, why did the Southwood committee describe the risk from both with the same reassuring adjective — “remote”? All four scientists were asked this question and all four wriggled with their replies. Sir Anthony Epstein explained: “The seemingly reassuring — I do not accept that it was — use of the word ‘remote’ was done on purpose because the consequences for the vaccination programme, for the use of medicines, would have been really quite disastrous if the public at large had been alarmed by this… it could have had very serious consequences for public health.”

So the committee watered down their published warnings about vaccines.

But all four scientists went on to argue with some passion that although their report had appeared to be mild on the subject, they had made every conceivable effort to alert the Department of Health and its relevant agencies to the dangers of BSE in vaccines. All four said they were satisfied that their anxious if private warnings about vaccines would lead to “appropriate action” from the Department of Health.

So what action was taken? The Department issued a statement which emphasised the dangers to the vaccination programme from any public panic about BSE and blandly reiterated the view of the Southwood Committee that the risk of infection from medicinal products was “remote”.

Fastening on that magic word “remote”, the ministry gave the vaccines the all-clear. There was no need, officials concluded, for pharmaceutical companies to take any steps whatever to insure against the possibility of contaminated vaccines. So the Department of Health and its Committee on Safety of Medicines coolly junked the Southwood committee’s anxious, if unpublished, warnings about the dangers of BSE-infected vaccines.

To this day, no one knows what action was taken to dispose of the five years of stocks of vaccines which had been piled up to initiate the vaccination programme. No one knows whether any of those vaccines compiled before the BSE ban were used on unsuspecting patients, or whether any of the deaths from CJD – a killer disease associated with BSE – can be ascribed to such vaccinations.

Risk of BSE in vaccines revealed

Jonathon Carr-Brown

Political Reporter

Wednesday 8th September 2010

Below are details of my Andrews vaccines, when, where he received them and also two batch numbers. Andrew never received the MMR or Whooping Cough vaccine, he also refused to have his school leaving booster injections aged 16.

I have written to the drug manufacturers who made vaccines during the 1980s, 1990s and through to 2000 asking them for details of date made/expiry, processing and the entire ingredients used to make the vaccines that my Andrew received. Vaccines from the same source would have also been given to millions of children/babies across the UK and globally exported.

During the 1980s, 1990s and beyond bovine material from BSE infected herds and human albumen were used to manufacture these millions of childhood vaccines….

Our most vulnerable were put at risk without a thought for their welfare of futures….

During my investigations vaccines I even managed to trace a nurse who administered one of the injections given to my Andrew and she was very very helpful.

Andrews_last_days_with_mumHere are the details and record of my Andrews vaccines……

St Mary’s Hospital, St Mary’s Road, Portsmouth. Hants.

2nd September 1983 within a short time of Andrews’s birth he was given a

VITAMIN K INJECTION. This vaccine was given routinely to all babies at birth to prevent problems with their liver. Andrews birth was normal and quick, he was a healthy baby weighing 71bs 10 and three quarter ounces. There were no complications at the birth with Andrew requiring no extra medical procedures or interventions. He was a strong and totally fit baby.

GPs Surgery The Village Practice, 133 London Road, Cowplain, Hants P08 8XL

My Andrew received the following vaccines whilst a patient:

15th December 1983 aged 3months…..DIPHTHERIA, POLIO and TETANUS

9th February 1984 aged 5 months DIPHTHERIA, POLIO AND TETANUS

2ND August 1984 aged 11 months old DIPHTERHIA, POLIO AND TETANUS

KIRKLAND SURGERY. Copnor Road, Copnor, Portsmouth, Hants

Pre school booster aged 4years DIPHTEHRIA, POLIO and TETANUS

(Records for these vaccines have disappeared)

Schools were Andrew would have received his booster injections:

St Judes Infant School, St Nicholas Road, Old Portsmouth, Hants

Copnor Infant and Middle School, Copnor Road, Portsmouth

St Mary’s Hospital, St Mary’s Road, Respiratory Centre, Portsmouth, Hants.

BCG VACCINE BATCH NUMBER E61354A, 29th July 1997

Osborne Road Surgery, Osborne Road, Portsmouth, Hants

Received February 2000


Expiry date 06 2001

These are the only vaccines my Andrew ever received; my beloved son never had any operations, stitches or received any blood or blood products. He had perfect teeth and no dentistry apart from a tiny filling a few years before he died.

Before Andrew became ill he was a strong young man, who hardly drunk alcohol, had never smoked and was very careful with his diet. The irony of that statement makes me weep……

So how can a fit and healthy young guy in his early twenties be reduced to shell within months and be dead within weeks?

As Andrews consultant at Southampton General Hospital said

‘A stray burger didn’t do this’……Andrews consultant was very angry that my fit healthy young son was dying through no fault of his own. But the fault of those named and shamed on this website……

What was given to my son during his growing years that was so toxic it made him develop vCJD?

Without question what killed those poor BSE cows …killed my Andrew. the symptoms mirror his decline during the months I nursed him…

But… did the toxic poison /rogue prions that killed those cattle get into my Andrews system? What did he ingest?…take in that wrecked his body and destroyed his life and future? What was so specific to Andrew and other victims?

Was is food? Was it vaccines? Was it some other source?

What are the government hiding?

Within certain organisations which the government manipulates are a select number of scientists/officials who hold many of the answers…..

over the years they have gathered significant information which is kept hidden from the public and those families affected by vCJD……

These secrets remain hidden and away from public scrutiny and view.

Those select few who know the truth…if they shared it ….they would find not only their careers but also their freedom and lives ‘at risk’…….

We are still not being told the whole damning truth about vCJD …….

This blog and website is a place where I share and expose the facts, my and Andrews experience and also the stories of other families and victims affected by cjd ..

It’s also a place and forum for the public to hear the truth……

Some of the information I am and have gathered is so sensitive to my investigations that at the moment I am unable to share this with you….as I know this website is monitored by those I am pursuing….. I remain focused and committed…….

A scientist who has worked and helped to develop a test for BSE told me ‘The easiest way to get vCJD is via blood this has been proven, so it stands to reason that some victims of vCJD probably became infected via a rogue batch of vaccines’…..

Polio, BCG and Meningitis vaccines were all withdrawn amid fears of BSE contamination.

Vaccines have a long shelf life and many of these contaminated vaccines were used on unsuspecting children and infants.

Two young men from Eastleigh near Southampton ( 23 miles from our home in Portsmouth) died of vCJD they had received polio vaccines from the same batch at roughly the same location/time.

Tennis Court Road, Cambridge was the place where the human pituitary glands were taken to make growth hormone treatment which resulted in more innocent people dying of cjd. In the same location research was being carried out on TSEs and in the same area research was being conducted with medicines/vaccines…. Was there some sort of contamination? Is that why my Andrew and other victims of vCJD grew inches when they were dying? Andrew grew at least 4 inches when he was gravely ill….one of the first symptoms of vCJD is terrible pains in the legs…….

‘GROWING DURING THE TERMINAL STAGES OF VCJD is impossible’ Professor John Collinge UCL ‘ But from now on we will monitor the height of those suspected or ‘at risk ‘ of developing vcjd’.

Jane Axelrad in her book ‘BSE a Disaster of biblical proportions or A Disaster of British Science ( 1999) has very strong views on vaccines and their implication regarding developing vcjd, she said ‘It is possible that one or two contaminated batches of childhood vaccines have caused vcjd clusters. A more logical and proven method of spreading this type of disease.’

Thousands of potentially contaminated vials of vaccine remained on shelves, to be used until these sources ere exhausted. This action protected the pharmaceutical companies from panic and lost profits, and ensured that the public was not aware of the risk they took when immunizing their children.’

(See also baby food)