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John MacGregor

Minister of Agriculture

In December 1987, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu wrote to the Minister of Agriculture John MacGregor. Lord Montagu was concerned and rightly worried over the threat BSE posed to human health if diseased cattle went into the food chain. Lord Montagu, a land owner, was so concerned over the way the government was handling and suppressing the threat to human health he wrote in his letter to MacGregor.

‘There is nothing which prevents veterinary officers from certifying the carcass of an animal infected with this disease (BSE) as fit for human consumption. I understand little research has been done on whether this disease can be transmitted to humans through the consumption of beef from infected animals. Until this is known it seems quite wrong to sell infected carcasses for this purpose’.

Andrew with friends a few weeks before he died aged 24 of Human BSE

Lord Montagu was right on all counts BSE posed a threat to human health it was striking that his sensible and obvious account of the situation was ignored and blocked by MAFF as inconsequential and of little relevance. I have spoken to vets who worked on the land during BSE and their eye witness accounts are staggering one vet told me ‘There was just a cursory look from the Government Vet at cattle that were obviously ill with BSE and they would be signed off as fit to go into the food chain’ he added ‘ looking back it was happening all the time we just went along with what the Government vet said’ Welsh Vet (2008).

Anyone with eyes in their head could see that diseased animals suffering from BSE staggering, salivating and trembling should not in any capacity be allowed near the human food chain. But in Whitehall there was money to be made and huge profits at stake in the beef and agriculture industry. These money making machines for the government, MAFF and shareholders had to be protected at all costs, which meant BSE was allowed unfettered for years into the food chain and to manifest itself into vCJD. My sons death and hundreds of others victims of vCJD was totally avoidable many many times over, many many years of opportunities to stop this deadly disease were deliberately ignored as political careers and finances were secured through looking the other way and lying.

My sons life and death was decided by the culprits named on this website they hold the smoking gun that killed my Andrew and they will be held accountable for those deliberate actions and decisions.

The Government and MAFF from the earliest days of BSE had research which showed the devastation that BSE could wreck on human health. This research some funded by MAFF itself was kept secret and covered up. The scientists involved in this research have told me that they were so shocked at what they found in the 1980s that they changed their eating habits many becoming vegetarians. These Scientists also told me ‘what the government and MAFF were telling the British Public ie ‘that British beef was safe to eat’ was far removed from what we were finding out during our research.

Not only did infected BSE cattle continue in the food chain for years, even cows that were later culled and were definitely sub clinical ( not showing any symptoms) went into the food chain. Its estimated that everyone over 11 in the UK has eaten at least 50 BSE infected meals.


The  photo above of Andrew was taken when he had only a few short days to live. he was bedridden for the final time, my son would no longer put a foot to the floor, wear outside clothes or feel the sun on his face ever again. The reality of dying from vCJD aged just 24 years old. 

John McGregor and those named and shamed on this website have lived long, and rich lives…..and so far have escaped justice.