Photos Of Victims


Photos of just some of the hundreds of people who have died, and continue to die of the human form of mad cow diease. Also a photo of one of the many living victims of Human BSE ( November 2018) Emily now aged 19. She was  born to Sally Evans 24 who died 7 months later of the human form of mad cow disease.

Emily was severely disabled from birth and is MVgenotype, which can slow down the progression of Human BSE.

‘1 in 2,000 of the Uk population now carry or incubate the human form of mad cow disease’ according to latest research by Health Protection Agency, The Lancet Infectious Diseases Volume 12, Issue 12, page 897.

Thousands affected, millions of us exposed UK and globally, to BSE infected meat, medicines, and vaccines, sourced from bovine material from cattle dying of BSE.

Donated blood is not screened for vCJD and neither are hospital patients. Incubation periods from ingesting deadly BSE material can be from 8 to 50 years before symptoms appear.

Strict veggies and people of  all faiths have died of vCJD.

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