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Christine’s major documentary cows cash and cover-ups?

see trailer below and 5 ***** UK Film review. April 2019

UK Film Review reviewed Cows, Cash & Cover-ups

‘this film is a hard watch but a necessary one and it asks some serious questions about what goes in our food, 

how much we know about this (and for that matter…anything), the international aspects of meat management and the reprehensible ethics of those running the show’

‘This is not so much a film as a sounding of the alarm and it is a vital, urgent and frightening raising of an issue that we should all make it our duty to know about. 

This documentary should be televised on the grandest scale and its story shared with as wide an audience as possible’

As UK fallen stock, diseased animals go to slaughter, remaining animals in herd/flock go to supermarkets. The next Covid, BSE pandemic waiting in the wings? Read my book, Who killed my son? Amazon & @vCJDFilm
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If Johnson survives this scandal then you may as well turn out the lights of our democracy once and for all.

He is a dishonest, entitled, public school buffoon without a shred of decency.

Disgusting double standards and blatant hypocrisy.

We need a fresh start.

A new survey of the UK screen industries workforce has found that:

• 53% are from a privileged background
• That figure rises to 61% for creative roles (writers, directors, producers)
• 25% are from a working class background

Full details:

‘The heart of dairy farming is, undoubtedly, it’s fueled by death’ — This investigator uncovered abuse at a major dairy supplies and now she’s stepping out of the shadows
When will global govts stop being puppets of big business, and put human/animal health, climate first? There is no economy without healthy citizens. Covid-19, human BSE caused by greed of the few.
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