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Christine’s major documentary cows cash and cover-ups?

see trailer below and 5 ***** UK Film review. April 2019

UK Film Review reviewed Cows, Cash & Cover-ups

‘this film is a hard watch but a necessary one and it asks some serious questions about what goes in our food, 

how much we know about this (and for that matter…anything), the international aspects of meat management and the reprehensible ethics of those running the show’

‘This is not so much a film as a sounding of the alarm and it is a vital, urgent and frightening raising of an issue that we should all make it our duty to know about. 

This documentary should be televised on the grandest scale and its story shared with as wide an audience as possible’

Each of the three further unfunded tax cuts trailed in The Telegraph this morning is designed to benefit high earners. And the price, in terms of higher inflation, will hit lowest earners.

UK is in grip of largest ever outbreak avian influenza, 2.8 million poultry/captive birds culled this year. @vCJDFilm @CovidJusticeUK @UKLabour @GMB
BSE, Covid, Avian Flu, Tory cover-ups, making money shareholders/business, before human animal health.

NUJ urges Iranian authorities to release journalists detained for their coverage of protests, and allow the flow of information including via social media.

EXCL: Govt to scrap “Brexit bonus” which would have paid farmers and landowners to enhance nature as wildlife groups slam “all-out attack” on environment - by @horton_official @patrick_barkham

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