Conspiracy of Silence

high res Photo Christine holding andrew as he dies

VCJD (Variant Creutzfeldt Jacob disease) is commonly known as the human form of mad cow’s disease, it predominately kills young people in their late teens early twenties. The youngest victims have been just 12 years old and the oldest official victims in their late sixties.

As I write this in 2017,  human BSE continues to maim, disable and destroy people lives and futures, a lethal disease that can silently incubate for decades. ( up to  50 years from ingesting infected bovine material)


FOUND THAT ‘ONE IN 2,000 OF UK POPULATION’ NOW EITHER CARRY OR ARE INCUBATING HUMAN MAD COW DISEASE/HUMAN BSE’. Many of those individuals will donate blood and have operations passing on  vCJD via blood products including medicines and also via medical instruments.

Millions of us globally have been exposed to the same lethal pathogen that killed my Andrew, experts believe that everyone who lived through the 1980’s and 1990’s has eaten at least 50 BSE infected meals.

Everyone who has lived, visited, worked or stayed in the UK since 1980 until December  31st 1996,  for more than 6 months cannot be a blood donor anywhere else in the world because they are seen  as ‘at risk’ of carrying the deadly disease human mad cow. BSE infected material flooded the human food and medicine chain.

Bovine material from infected cattle was in everything from Farley’s Rusks to vegetable soup, calpol, baby food, HRT, contact lens fluid; strict vegetarians and Hindus have died of vCJD.  Human BSE had affected people from across the globe from every culture and ethnic group. In the UK and globally cattle continue to die of BSE but, its often put down as some obscure disease or the animal is sent to slaughter before too obvious symptoms are visible. Many governments including the UK no longer test for BSE in cattle going to slaughter for human consumption.

BSE in cattle is never an isolated disease with the deadly brain infection being PASSED  on-wards to calves and siblings.

See Youtube footage below  of cow in Belgium dying of BSE in 2015, how many other cattle from the same herd went to slaughter and became meals for families and children across Belgium or Europe? It will take at least a decade for people who have eaten those infected meals to start showing symptoms of human BSE,

By then the Belgium officials stating ‘ its ok’ will have moved post and the trail back to the farm will have been eradicated by officialdom and secrecy. PROFIT ALWAYS COMES BEFORE HUMAN HEALTH.

This footage on Youtube  of a cow staggering and dying of BSE in Belgium in 2015, highlights the ticking health-time bomb that is mad cow disease. It has not gone away and is endemic in cattle.


MBCfilmingchristinebesideandrewsgraveed1Christine at Andrews grave